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Introduction to Baseball

Up until 1921 this was used to manipulate the baseball when it was pitched.
recorded against a batter who makes three strikes before putting the ball into play.
Prior to this rule, foul balls did not count as strikes.
Major league baseball has 3 divisions; east, west, and __________.
recorded against a runner who is touched by a fielder with the ball or a glove holding the ball,
One of the first Latin American all-stars in MLB.
__________ team always bats first in a baseball game
The offense attempts to score runs by ___________ a ball thrown by the pitcher
A run is scored when the runner ____________ around the bases and returns to home plate.
The ____________ is located between the bottom of your pectoralis muscle and the bottom of your kneecap
A ______________is caught by a fielder, whether in fair territory or foul territory.
is a bat and ball game played between two teams
led the formation of a new professional league with women
Before 1921, it was common for a baseball to be in play for over 100 ______________.
This era was characterized by low-scoring games and a lack of home runs.
this player broke the MLB color barrier by starting in a baseball game on april 15th, 1947.
the second half of an inning is referred to as the ___________.
There are _________ fielding positions in the sport of baseball.
He led the formation of a new professional league with women players to help keep the game in the public eye.