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Crossword Puzzle of Moses Facts & Trivia

Spiritual food...
The mountain's name, in the wilderness, where Moses saw a bush burning yet not turning to ash...
This is the building of the Egyptian Pharaoh where Moses received his education.
This prince of Egypt reportedly lived to be 120 years old...
An agreement made between people and God...
He parted the waters of this body of water in order to go to the promised land.
This is the land where Moses died and reportedly was buried.
The name of the Hebrew brother of Moses...
Moses wrote five sections or parts of this book.
This is the wooden stick that became an instrument of "I am that I am..."
The tenth divine plague or pestilence inflicted upon Egypt is named for this miracle both of survival and of salvation.
The name of the Hebrew sister of Moses...
Where Moses was born.
Reportedly, according to the Bible, Moses had a character defined by this adjective...