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Earth Science Crossword Puzzle

The process by which the denser plate sinks below the more buoyant plate when two plates collide
A volcano that is not associated with plate boundaries.
When the rising mantel material at mid-ocean ridges creates the potential for plates to move away from the ridge with a force
An area of many fractured pieces of crust along a large fault.
A fault that forms where tectonic plates slide horizontally past each other
A hypothesis suggesting that continents are in constant motion on the surface of earth
Form where two plates collide
The circulation of material caused by differences in temperature and densicty
The theory that states that earth's surfaces made of rigid slabs of rock,or plates, that move with respect of each other
The cold and rigid outmost most rock layer on earth
One supercontinent that all the continents were once part of
When a slab sink and pulls on the rest of the plate with a force
Forms where two tectonic plates slide past each other
Molten rock below the earth's surface
A large volcano with gentle slopes of basaltic lava that is common along divergent plate boundaries and oceanic hot spots
A state in which magnetized objects orient them selves to point north
A mountain range in the middle of the ocean
When a magnetic field reverses direction
A long narrow excavaction in the ground
A liquid ability to flow
Explosion erupts can spew volcanic ash
Molten rock that erupts onto earth surface