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S.S. Vocab

Teacher: Johnson
To divide up a country or area
A court of Justice
Feelings of affection and loyalty towards one's country
An area that belongs to someone
Was divided again into trans Jordan on the eastern side of the Jordan River
of or relating to the modern country of Israel
A country that has joined another country
One that favors violent change
A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster
A document you sign to end a war.
Those who felt the worlds Jews deserved to return to their homeland
The conducting of relations between nations
Over 6 million Jews were murdered in concentration camps
The name for rebels who oppose a government
Those engaged in gathering secret military information
Radical Muslim government of Afghanistan
An organization group of terrorist that were responsible for 9/11
An agreement to stop fighting
An ethnic group found in several areas in SW Asia
A political system, an admenistration