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Intro to Healthcare Science Review

The smallest microorganisms only visible with electron microscope
To prejudge
Process whereby a government agency authorizes individuals to work in a given occupation
Provides care for people 65 and older
Applied science used to promote safety and welling in the workplace
An individual who creates a message to convey information
An international agency sponsored by the United Nations
A wrongful act that does not involve a contract
A person has fulfilled requirements of a professional association or government agency
Protective equipment to be worn during health care procedures
A record of information about an individual.
Microorganisms that cause disease and infection
An area where an infectious agent can live
Major type of healthcare facility. Can be general, specialty, or government
Being able to do or say the kindest thing in a difficult situation
Information, ideas, thoughts
Provides care for terminally ill patients
Immediate care that is given to the victim of an injury or illness
An essential part of effective communication
Provides care for low income children who received public assistance
An individual who receives the message from the sender
Infection acquired within a health care facility
A set of principals relating to what is morally right or wrong
A preference that inhibits impartial judgement
An individual who organizes and manages a business and assumes its risk
Amounts that must be paid by the patient before the policy begins to pay
An agreement between two or more parties
The use of microorganisms as weapons to infect humans, animals, or plants
Supported by donations, membership fees, fundraisers, or grants
A method can be used to determine if communication was successful
Being able to identify with and understand another person's feelings
Free from all organisms
A method of prioritizing treatment
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
How to use a fire extinguisher (Acronym)