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National Kindergarten Day, April 21

In the first kindergarten, activities consisted of singing, dancing, self-directed play, & this activity.
After just 13 years, these people outlawed all kindergarten classes in 1851.
This is the surname of the German man who started the first kindergarten in 1837.
College Point, NY, in 1870 became home to the first _____ kindergarten where no one had to pay money for it.
This is the name of the city in Wisconsin that had the first United States kindergarten in 1856.
The idea that children should be taken care of and nourished " plants in a garden” is what form of figurative speech?
In the U.S., kindergarten is offered to children of no less than this age while some other states require all of this age to be enrolled.
The first English-language kindergarten happened in this city, in 1860, just before the American Civil War.