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To Kill A Mockingbird

Who said that he would kill Atticus?
Who's flowers did Jem hit with his baton?
Found I the tree?
Kid with nits?
Who did the mocking bird symbolize?
Fictional town where story is set?
What was the mood the night Jem and Scout got attacked?
Who hid under Scouts bed?
What family was very poor?
In what state does the story take place?
Scary place?
Mean old lady?
Who had a deformity?
How old was Jem when he broke his arm?
Atticus shot this person down in cold blood?
Who tried to kill scout?
What street does to kill a mockingbird take place?
Atticus Daughter?
Scout is not very lady like, she is more of a what?
A lawyer trying to defend Tom Robinson?
Who read to mrs dubose
Where were the penny and gum found?
Who would never come out of their house?
This person was stabbed in the ribs?
Person who's house burned down?
Scouts third grade teacher?
Who pretends to be a drunk?
Who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird?
Who thought atticus was disrespecting her by calling her miss?
Who gossiped all over town?
What kind of penny was found in the tree?
Scout's best friend?
Who was accused of rape?
17 were shot out of a gun?
What did Boo stab his dad in the leg with?
Discrimination to black or white?
Place where Tom was sent too after being found guilty of rape?
Who was the sherriff in to kill a mockingbird?
Who tried to kill Scout?
Mean old lady?
What did Scout dress up as?
The Judge?
Who started crying in the court room and had to be taken out by Jem?