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Baxter 090315: Miranda Shealy
A flowering plant that has seeds protected by fruit<vascular>
Tissue surrounding an embryo of the seed in a flowering plant. This tissue supply nutrients to the embryo
The structure that protects the plant embryo until favorable conditions allow the embryo to begin to grow
The act of transferring pollen<male gamete>
Has two cotyledons, bean seed
A single reproductive cell that can grow into a new plant<nonvascular>
Attracts insects and other polliators
Contains egg cells
Formerly protected the flower bud, often green, bottom ring
A plant that produces naked seeds<appears in conifers>
The leaf<leaves>of the embryo. These leaves will perform photosynthesis once the embryo has sprouted
To sprout<the growth of the embryo of the plant>
Corn seed, 1 cotyledons
A mature zygote in the female ovule, eventually become a seed
Provides support male, thin stalks called filaments
An carrier, tree or bush with cones<usually evergreen>, reproduce using male/female gametes <male/female cones>
The clusters of spore cases that toss spores several meters from the frond
Female, tip-stigma, stigma-sticky