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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Teacher: Steve Knight
Hitler's attempt to wipe out the Jewish population.
The first atomic bomb was dropped in August of 1945 on this Japanese city.
The Manhattan Project was the code-name given to the development of this weapon.
The leader of the USSR during WW2. (last name)
Immediately following WW2, Germany was divided into this number of military zones.
The __ Ultimatum was issued by President Harry S. Truman to Japan before the atomic bomb was dropped.
The Truman Doctrine gave economic and military aid to these two European nations to "contain communism."
After the Battle of Midway, the US began this strategy in the Pacific.
The US Government sold war __ to citizens to help raise money for the war.
US general and supreme commander in the Pacific. (last name)
After the Soviets blockaded this city in 1948, President Truman ordered an airlift to get food and supplies to the people.
Country established in the Middle East in 1948 as a homeland for the Jews.
WW2 began in Europe in 1939 with Hitler's invasion of this country.
Type of warfare used by the Nazis that was a combination of quick air and land attacks.
Although Black Americans were able to fight in WW2, they were still in __ units.
The nick-name given to the Allied invasion of North Africa to free the Mediterranean of Nazi control.
The name given (by Winston Churchill) to Eastern European nations who had fallen to the Soviet "sphere of influence."
During WW2, scarce items such as fuel, rubber, and meat were __ so that soldiers would have enough to fight the war.
Hitler's submarines traveled in groups known as this.
Nickname for Operation Overlord - June 6, 1944.
The __ trials in 1946 marked the first time ever national leaders were held accountable and executed for war crimes.
Executive Order 9066 called for the __ of all Japanese Americans. It was upheld by Korematsu v. US (1944).
The battles of __ and Okinawa helped the US gain bases before launching an invasion on Japan.
The Battle of the __ in Belgium was Hitler's last offensive during WW2.
The island-battle in the Pacific that was the turning-point, which stopped a Japanese advancement toward Hawaii.