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Vocabulary from Classical Roots A - Lesson 5

Teacher: A Classical Twist
(Latin) to fill
(Latin) to lessen
a small or trivial detail
(Latin) to make thin
(Latin) enough
a tool or utensil; to carry out; to put into effect
an organism invisible to the naked eye, especially one that causes disease
to make slender or small; to weaken; to reduce in force or value
(Latin) full
(Latin) to fill
to do as one is asked or ordered
(Latin) to lessen
to satisfy an appetite fully; to gratify to excess
(Greek) less
extremely small
(Latin) thin
(Greek) small
(Latin) to lessen
(Latin) to make thin
a miniature world; something that resembles something else on a very small scale
an exclamation or oath, often obscene
(Latin) to fill
thin in form; flimsy; having little substance or validity
(Latin) to lessen
well-stocked or abundantly supplied; completely filled; utterly satisfied
(Latin) to make thin
(Latin) to fill
(Latin) to make thin