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Christian leaders appointed by Jesus to spread his message
To rise from the dead
A group of people living in a particular area
In an event known as the ____ _____ Jesus celebrated the Jewish holy festival of Passover with his followers.
A short story that teaches a principle about what is good behavior using everyday events
Jesus' teaching were summarized in his ________ __ __ _______.
Name means "Rock", one of the 12 disciples of Jesus
A person who dies for his or her beliefs
Jesus preached that we should ____ God and one another. In this way they would be obeying God.
A broad geographic area
Apostle of Jesus who was a persecutor of Christians and converted to Christianity after receiving a vision of Christ
The act of being saved from the effects of sin
Jesus preached that God _________ all people and loved them the way a father loves his children.
Word meaning "three". It refers to the three persons of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Roman governor appointed by an Emperor to rule over a province.
Roman emperor who was a strong supporter of Christianity
The accounts that some of the apostles wrote of Jesus' life.
In Christianity, he is considered to be the Son of God and God Himself.
Mountain fortress captured by the Jews. Recognized as a symbol of Jewish heroism.
Well built Roman _______ help early Christians spread their faith throughout the Roman empire.