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Confusing words for W and Y

Carry on the body, deteriorated
Relinquishment of a right
The possessive case of who
To stay to be available
A PERSON who is given a written guarantee or a warrant
A pronoun never used to refer to humans
Exhausted, drained
A ploy to fool, trap, or entice
Mistrustful, guarded
Used only to refer to humans
Climatic conditions or to withstand
A harness for oxen
Lacking strength
Opening in the ground
To notify about trouble
Complete or entire
The part of the human body betwen the ribs and the hips
Heaviness or significance
To feel indecisive, to swing unsteadily
To inflict or cause
A written guarantee
If; in case
To measure mass; to mull over
Garbage or to squander
Belonging to you
The yellow part of an egg
A method; a direction; a manner
Habit; custom, accustomed
A period of seven days