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Brooke Esguerra- Spelling Week 30

I ran a far _____ in the race.
My aunt's favorite flower is a white _______.
My grandpa ____ not like spicy food.
I just got my drivers _______ at the D.M.V.
_________ I went to Disneyland.
The college student took 7 ______ each.
I hope you have a great _________.
I _________ got an A+ on my test.
My dad changed the ________ on the air conditioner to 60 degrees.
I rode my _____ to the park.
My brother and I ________ to school.
I _______ my water bottle.
I put my jacket in the ________ .
I put a _________ in my flower pot.
I ______ hope you have a very happy birthday
There is a community ________ down the street.
The _______ of the story was that a girl met a bear.
I put the ________ in the recycles bin.
My favorite ___________ is Mark Twain.
Winter is my favorite _______.
The book was so difficult to read that it didn't make ________.
I put the bouquet of flowers in the ______.
My favorite _____ park is Six Flags Magic Mountain.
It is very _________ outside.