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Star Biology Vocab

A system that includes a particular community of organisms along with their surrounding environment
Deoxyribonucleic acid – the molecule that carries genetic information and instructions for the function of all cells
Eukaryotic, multicellular organisms with cell walls. Get nutrients through decomposition or parasitism
Unicellular, prokaryotic organisms that have cell walls, cell membranes, DNA, and lack a nucleus
A unicellular (1-celled) organism that lacks a nucleus.
Classification of organisms based on similarities in structure, genetics, origin, etc.
A process that occurs in plants that makes sugar (glucose) and oxygen from carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight.
The full sequence of an individual’s DNA
A molecule (chemical compound) that is important for life. Most contain C, H, and O, and are polymers of smaller subunits.
A biomolecule that is often an enzyme to speed up chemical reactions in cells. Made from amino acids.
The smallest living structure that is common among all living organisms – contains DNA, a cell membrane, and other structures
A type of trait that is only shown when all/both of an individual’s alleles are the same
A characteristic of an organism that helps it survive in its environment.
A type of trait that is displayed phenotypically if an individual has at least one dominant allele
Ribonucleic acid – a molecule similar to DNA that can be used in ribosomes (rRNA), for carrying amino acids (tRNA), or for carrying a DNA message (mRNA)
The entire portion of the earth that supports life – organisms and their surroundings
Any organism with a nucleus in its cells
The combination of a sugar, a phosphate, and a nitrogen base – the building blocks of DNA and RNA
A living thing – may be as simple as a single-celled bacteria or as complex as animals
A change in the sequence of an organism’s DNA
Tentative and testable statement that must be capable of being supported by observational evidence
The process of cell division – consists of several steps (prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase…)
Organisms maintaining a constant internal balance, keeping things stable
A biomolecule that is used for energy storage and insulation/protection. Made of triglycerides.
A protein that speeds up chemical reactions in cells