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Physical Science Review

Mixture that is the same throughout (5)
Practical use of knowledge gained through pure & applied science (1)
Data that is measured or numerical (2)
Process that joins small nuclei into larger ones (6)
The study of materials by breaking them down (5)
Used to measure mass (3)
Mixture where particles settle out (5)
Energy of motion (4)
The amount of mass in each unit of volume (3)
Positively charged particle (6)
Measure of the force of gravity on an object (3)
Unit of weight (3)
Collection of data through the senses (1)
Negatively charged particles (6)
Factor that is deliberately changed in an experiment (2)
When an atom's nucleus is split & releases energy (6)
2 or more atoms joined together (4)
Mixing by particle motion (4)
Descriptive notes that accompany numbers (3)
This kind of science solves a problem (1)
The SI unit of temperature (4)
Used to measure weight (3)