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French Revolution

A faction of nobles and others who had fled france and hoped to restore the monarchy.
The class made up of 97% of France's population. It consisted of the middle class, peasants, and laborers and tradespeople. This group had no power to influence government
French Revolution slogan promoting "Liberty, Equality, _________________"
The panicked spread of the revolution throughout all of France where the people attacked the nobles property and destruction of records of citizen debts.
Period of jacobin rule where Robespierre imprisoned and often executed anyone who criticized the Jacobin agenda of remaking France and the revolution.
A pledge by representatives of the Third estate to form a new constitution taken when they were locked out of the National Assembly.
Divisions among the French assembly that formed over the questions of how to deal with old problems of food shortage and government debt.
French revolutionary writer who stirred up the passions of the people. He was murdered by Charlotte Corday.
A radical political club that promoted the revolution and remaking of French society and destruction of the old order.
A faction of middle and lower class revolutionaries who were named for were named for their regular pants they wore.
Nickname for marie antoinette because of her excessive spending
Jacobin leader who became a tyrant and attempted to remove all traces of France's past.
The process of making changes to meet the needs demanded by the Third Estate. This was embodied in a new constitution and the Declaration of the "Rights of Man and of the Citizen"
Execution device made famous during the French Revolution. It was nicknamed "the national razor"
The religious class made up of clergy in the Catholic church
The rich nobles in France
French political system of social classes
A Paris fortress and prison that was stormed by the people of Paris
The reform that caused the most opposition in the Revolution when the State took over this aspect of French life offending many devout Catholics.