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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Lessons 26-30: Y to i Rule, --Es plural ending, Morphographs: in--, con--, --es, --er

We ___ about whether we would get home in time.
We hired a ___ to help us decorate our home.
It's important to ___ the kinds of foods you eat.
The ___ of oxygen by the body is essential to life!
Sometimes it's important to ___ to what others do, but it's more important to be true to yourself.
A local newspaper ___ wrote the story.
Morphograph that means "more than" or "one who"
I regret to ___ you that it's time to leave.
I always do a half-hour of ___ in the morning.
I always look for ___ when buying a new piece of furniture.
That designer has a ___ way of dressing.
The author's ___ stories delighted her readers.
Morphograph that means "in" or "not"
They had to ___ the problem and figure out how to solve it.
We ___ at the party until five.
They ___ to catch the four o'clock train.
Several pets ___ far from their homes.
I no longer want this dress so I'm going to ___ it at the local consignment shop.
Some of the residents live by the sea and some live further ___.
I feel ___ hungry!
We ___ our wet towels in the sun.
Ballet dancers move so ___.
Dad was ___ when he found out we ate all the cake before dinner.
Are you ___ carefully to the instructions?
Morphograph that means more than one
The kids fell ___ in love with the new cartoon character!
Will you come ___ with me?
Have you ___ for your test yet?
When the competition was over the ___ was announced.
She ___ her mistakes by rereading her work.
There were three kids dressed as ___ in the Halloween parade.
Morphograph that means "with"