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6. Earth Science Vocabulary #2

Teacher: Wilkerson
The path one object takes as it orbits another object
The fine bits of clay and sand that become sediment settling at the bottom of a river or lake.
What type of rocks are most fossils found in?
To rot and break down into smaller parts
Sand dune
A fossil fuel formed in swampy areas from ancient plants
The build up of land by depositing sediment and soil in a new location
Its gravity keeps the Solar System in orbit
A deep gorge in the surface of the Earth formed by erosion of moving water and sand
Hills formed by the wind blowing sand
Small pieces of rock
The breakdown of rock into smaller particles from the effects of wind, water, and ice
A type of soil that is good for growing plants
A natural satellite that orbits a planet
The star at the center of the Solar System which supplies heat and light to Earth
Turn or spin on its axis; the 24 hour time period it takes Earth to make one complete spin on its axis
A physical change in matter from a liquid to a gas
Describes the current condition of the atmosphere
A flammable liquid formed from ancient marine organisms
Preserved parts or traces of animals and plants that lived in the past