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AP Physics 1

Interference that happens when two notes of unequal but close frequencies are played simultaneously.
The change in energy of a system
The rotational analog to force
The interaction between waves that cross over each other
Positions on a standing wave with the maximum amplitude
Type of friction that keeps things from sliding
The apparent change in a wave's frequency because of the relative motion between the source and the observer
Type of wave where the energy moves in the same direction as the vibration of the particles of the medium.
A quantity that has magnitude and direction
An objects rotational inertial times its rotational velocity
The time for a complete cycle
Universal gravitational constant
Mass per volume of a material
The rate of flow of positive charge
Tells us how far, and in what direction, an object is from its original position
The opposition to the flow of electric charge through a circuit element.
The inverse of period
Wave that appears to stay in one place, forced from interference
Aka force of gravity
Collision where momentum and kinetic energy are conserved
A disturbance in a medium
The rate at which work is done or energy is used per second.
Name for contact force that is perpendicular to a surface
Energy that is the sum of the kinetic and potential energies
Object's movement under the influence of only the force of gravity
Tells us how much an object's velocity changes each second.
K for a spring
Circuit elements connected with a single path for current to flow
The rate of change of displacement
The distance from the midpoint of a wave to either the crest or the trough.
Diagram showing the magnitude and direction of all forces acting on an object
A value that does not have a direction
The perpendicular distance between the rotation point and where a given force is applied.
Distance measured from peak to peak of a wave
A pulling force exerted by a string or rope like thing.
The property of an object that resists the effect of force
Measure of electric potential energy per coulomb of charge
Force divided by the quantity feeling the force
The change in an object's momentum