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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Power Verbs

Recognize or tell what something is or who someone is
Look carefully
To show good and bad points to give your judgement or reasoned opinion
Form of assessment. Can be formal or informal
Create a picture o words that tells what something looks like or what is happening
Read between the lines
Show other people how to do something
To give a clear definition o a meaning
Use what you know to explain or figure something out
Come up with or work our an ideas or plan and then state it clearly
Tell how things are alike or similar
Make something shorter by giving the main points or ideas on your own words
Guess what you think will happen
Decide or rate how good or bad something is after thinking about it carefully
Make clear or explain by using examples or comparisons
Students, staff and faculty
To tell about in your own words
Examine carefully
Tell the differences between two things
State pros and cons
Give more details
Give reasons or facts or examples to show or prove why something is right or true
Decide what something means
Series of words, sentences or comments
State your reasons for supporting or opposing something
Give events or steps in order