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Africa Vocabulary Crossword

A tuberous plant that has edible roots
The family group that included only parents and their children.
The infrastructure provided by companies of governments such as electric, water and trash removal
An area of land drained by a river and/or its tributaries.
An action in which a group of individuals seize control of a government
artificial lake created by a dam
Growing only enough food to feed one self and ones family
A unit of related people made up of several generations, including grandparents, parents and children
To separate two pieces from one another
The mass murder of people from a particular ethnic group
A wind of the Atlantic coast of Africa that blows from the northeast to the south carrying large amounts of dust
The system of laws in South Africa aimed at separating the races
A system of roads and railroads that allow the transport of materials
Diamonds that are sold on the black market with the proceeds going to provide guns and ammunition for violent conflicts
The process by which an area turns into a desert
A person who flees a country because of war, violence, persecution or disaster
A large group of people who have a common ancestor in the far past
A person who believes in spirits that can exist apart from bodies
Illegal fishing or hunting
depressed area of land drained by a river and its tributaries