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Jesus' Miracles in Matthew (Mt. 8:5-13; 23-9:8; 14:13-33; 15:21-39)

A high place
"Your sins are ________."
Not a man
Place of the dead
Unable to move
Jesus did this before breaking the bread
Sea of _______
To suffer with someone; Jesus has lots of it
A person who can't speak
Right away; now
Even the dogs get these
Son of _____
Needed for fishing
"I was sent only to the lost _____ of the house of Israel."
"In no one in Israel have I found such _____."
Place where Jesus heals the demon-possessed men.
A large group of people
Cured from a disease or sickenss
Jesus can forgive sins because he has this
A group of animals
"Have _____ on me, Lord!"
How many loaves of bread
A leader of 100 Roman soldiers
"Do not be ______."
Spirit of a dead person
"Even the ____ and the sea obey him."
Followers of Jesus
Someone possessed by a demon
Disrespecting the name of God
A large body of water
City where Jesus healed the centurion's servant.
I can't find it; it is this
When you need food you are this
"Lord, "____ me!"
Baskets of leftovers
Empty or barren
A person who performs duties for others
A person who can't see
Talking to God
There were only two of these
An account of people or events
The disciple who couldn't float
Someone who copies or writes books
Jesus walked on this
A person who can't walk