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Trigonometry Key Terms

A change in the phase of a waveform
Number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time
Plane figure enclosed by 2 radii of a circle
Less than 90 degrees
Angles that share the same initial side
Quantitative relation between two amounts
Repeats it's values in regular intervals or periods
One unit up one unit down
Smallest angle between terminal side and the x axis
Form of proof in which you use know properties
Symmetric with respect to the y axis
Four specific ways to manipulate the share of a point
Angles whose sum is 90
A round plane
Extent of vibration
A line touches a circle at just one point
Something that repeats itself
Curve that approaches a given curve arbitrarily
90 degrees
Vertex is located at the origin and and one ray is on the positive axis
The length from the center of the circle to the outside
Circle with a radius of one
Used to find the sides of a triangle
Angle with a terminal side on the x or y axis
Equal to an angle at the center of a circle equal in length in length to the radius
1 divided by the number
Equal to the ratio of the opposite side of a given angle
Area around a circle
The longest side of a triangle
The point a which the line crosses the x- axis
Apex is the center of a circle
The ray on the x axis