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The Coming of the Civil War

Became President in 1844
Also called the "Know Nothings"
Codes of dots and dashes sent over wires
To "join' or "attach"
Amendment stating that any territory acquired from Mexico would never have slavery.
Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Supported the practice of popular sovereignty
Sale of 30,000 miles (southern New Mexico and Arizona) from Mexico to the United States
A movement to ensure that native born Americans received better treatment than immigrants.
Obvious or undeniable fate
Book by George Fitzhugh attacking northern industrialists
Leader of Mexico
Ordered citizens to assist in the return of escaped slaves
Laws proposed by Henry Clay to provide balance between the North and the South.
Declared on May 13, 1846
Book on the slavery
People in a territory decide whether to allow slavery there -- not Congress
A unified nation
Reduced the cost and time needed to ship goods