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Science Lesson 1.1-1.4

Using carbon-14 decay rates to age and object
One hundred thousand
One who studies the earths rock and soil make up
The way something looks
Scientist that studies ancient life from a geologic view
A general idea based on facts and opinions that needs to be proven
Using radioactive decay rates to age an object-most accurate form of dating
The study of the makeup of organisms and how they function
To determine the age of something
Area that contains fossils
The process of forming an answer based on facts or evidence
One hundred million
Different parts that make up the whole
Facts to help prove or disprove a thought
Bendable bone
Using clues to age objects-most inaccurate
Includes insects, spiders, crustaceans
Reasoning using specific facts to draw a more general conclusion
To understand incorrectly
Reasoning from general to specific based in truth
A specific guess based on facts and opinion that need to be proven
Bone that has been preserved by the environment
Changes due to wind, rain, cold, heat, etc.
To slowly be broken down into the original chemical elements
The changes that occur overtime to organisms
One hundred billion
Of different kinds, forms or types