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U.S. history EOC Review-Industrial Revolution

I built the first railroad that stretches from Jacksonville, Florida to Key West Florida
This was a group of AF Americans who fought for civil rights and sought to end SEPARATE BUT EQUAL in education and public accommodations.This is the abbreviation for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
Boss Tweed ran this corrupt political organization in New York. He was guilty of taking "kickbacks"-which is usually 10% of the cost of the project from construction but he also helped the poor find jobs and often paid their rent if they promised to vote for him
Island on the East Coast that processed immigrants from Europe
Term used to describe the false image conveyed by saying the streets are not really paved with gold
The American Party and Liberty Party were groups that wanted to end the flow of immigrants in to the US, they weren't Native Americans but they were called...
This event happened after 1865 to about 1900. it marks a period of many inventions and the rise of factory production
Rockefeller was most famous for buying competing oil producers and those that would sell he crushed with lower prices
One way to limit AF Americans from voting, requires paying a large sum of money
Island on the West Coast that processed immigrant from ASIA
Invented the light bulb
This form a test often was used to deny AF Americans the right to vote if they could not read and explain a written exceprt
In 1905 President Theodore Roosevelt met with leaders of this country to limit this ethnic group from increasing immigration on the West Coast
These two groups of immigrants came primarily from Western Europe. They competed for jobs with nativists and were not well regarded
This women was a famous AF American journalist who opposed lynching (time machine word for hanging) and was nearly killed for being so outspoken
This group of immigrants came primarily SOUTHEASTERN Europe. They were slavic, catholic and jewish, did not easily assimilate and lived primarily in these types of apartments in ghettoes.
This obscure person helped set us the national Forestry Service, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Park. He is greatly admired by the EOC test makers as a famous conservationist
Written by Andrew Carnegie, this book argued that the wealthy should give away their millions but not directly to the poor but to build libraries, schools and hospitals
This "Booker" urged AF Americans to obtain vocational jobs (jobs that require skills, like carpenters, ship builders, railroad workers) BUT urged AF Americans to wait for the time when the white society was ready to integrate
Trusts and monopolies can be "good' or "bad". bad ones arrange to raise prices by secret agreement and thus limit .......
Reports news that is often made up, exaggerated or even false just to sell newspapers and promote certain ideas like going to war with Spain
Industry that gathers rare metals and fuels from the earth
This Act was passed to break up bad trusts that overcharged and limited competition however it was largely a failure because it did not allow for fines and penalties to make bad trusts cooperate with the government
Reports the news that is true no matter how shocking
Famous for using Vertical Integration in creating U.S. Steel, mining iron ore, shipping it, using the Bessemer process to heat it into steel and distributing (selling) it across the country
Idea but forward by Jane Addams, who started Hull house in Chicago, to help immigrant women and their children assimilate
This Alexander Graham ____ invented the telephone
Demanded AF American rights NOW!
Tunnels underground that use trains to transport people
Prohibited from coming into the US in 1882 primarily because they were so hard working and would work for lower wages they threatened whites for jobs
Industry that makes clothes