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Biology Crossword

Organisms that eat only plants
Producers are also called
Organisms that eat only animals
The study of the interactions among living things, and between living things and their surroundings
Organisms that eat dead plant and animal matter
The variety of living things in an ecosystem
Species that has an unusually large effect on its ecosystem
Consumers are called
Organisms that make their own food
Eat a variety of different organisms
Organisms that get their energy by eating other organisms, including plants and animals
Nonliving things, such as temperature, moisture, wind, rocks and sunlight
Living things, such as plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria
A major regional or global community of organisms
A group of the same species that lives in one area.
Detritivores that break down plant and animal matter into simpler compounds
One individual living thing.
Using chemicals as an energy source to make food
A group of different species that live together in one area
Organisms that eat both plants and animals