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Science Vocabulary Page 151

The smallest part of a living thing that an carry out all the processes of life
A statement about what you think data and observations mean
The transfer of thermal energy between things that are touching
A tool used to measure air pressure
The weight of the atmosphere pressing at a certain place
The ability of a material to react with other materials in a certain way
A material through which heat can move easily
The force of friction that acts between a moving object and air particles
The body system that carries oxygen, food, and wastes throughout the body
A water-based ecosystem
A change in which one or more new types of matter form
To let heat pass through easily
A tool used to measure wind speed
The demand for a resource by two or more organisms
A consumer that eats only or mostly animals
The mixture of gases and dust that surrounds Earth
The change from a gas to a liquid
A characteristic that a living thing gets during its lifetime
A place where a cold air mass bumps up against a warm air mass
A mass of tiny water droplets of ice crystals in the air