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Science Vocabulary Page 152

A model that shows how several food chains connect together
The ability to make thing move or change
An imaginary line that divides Earth in half horizontally
A flow of air or water in a certain direction
All the living and nonliving things in an area
A diagram that shows how the amount of energy changes as it moves through a food chain or web
The length of a line between two points
The change from a liquid to a gas
A body of water in which freshwater from a river meets and mixes with salt water from the ocean
A living thing that gets energy by breaking down wastes and dead plants and animals
To mix evenly in a liquid
An unusual warming of surface water in the eastern Pacific Ocean near the equator
A line graph that shows an object's motion
A controlled test done to answer a scientific question
The transfer of thermal (heat) energy by the movement of liquids or gases
A living thing that gets energy by eating other living things
A model that shows the path of energy as it flows from one living thing to the next
The body system that breaks down food so it can be used by the body