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Science Vocabulary Page 155

A group of parts that work together
A place where a warm air mass meets a colder air mass and slowly rises over it
The horizontal line at the bottom of a graph
A land-based ecosystem
The condition of the atmosphere at a certain time and place
Made up of only one cell
The form that matter has such as solid, liquid, or gas
The movement of water between Earth's surface and atmosphere
The energy of the moving particles that make up all matter (heat)
A measure of how warm something is
A tool used to measure temperature
A measure of the pull of gravity on an object's mass
The vertical line at the side of a graph
A quality or characteristic of a living thing
The process by which plants release water vapor into the air from their leaves
A tool used to measure weight or force
A front where two air masses meet and stop moving
A tool that shows wind direction--where the wind is coming from
A rise or fall of ocean water