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Ag Science - Chapter 1 Vocabulary Puzzle

Parts of aromatic plants used to season food.
Plants used for animal feed while immature or before seed maturity.
Science of growing trees and producing wood products.
Plants grown for food, comfort and beauty.
The garments, accessories and ornaments worn on the human body to protect it and provide a certain appearance.
Production and use of plants for flowers and foliage.
The science of raising crops and raising animals.
The science of growing fruit or nuts.
Plants grown for fiber produced in their fruit, leaves or stems.
Top layer of the earth's crust; renewable natural resource that supports life.
Protection from weather and harm; homes and furnishings in them.
The science of producing vegetable crops.
Plants used to present a pleasing appearance and protect soil from erosion. These are usually low-growing matted grasses or other plants.
Plants grown in large fields for oil, fiber, grain and similar products.
Specialized area of plant science that deals with field crops.
The solid or liquid materials used by humans for nourishment.
Non-woody plant whose leaves, seeds or other parts are used to enhance the flavor of food.