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Adam of the Road ch 2 and 3

Publicle displayed for all to see as in a coat of arms
A gatekeeper or doorkeeper
A weak hope
This was a term used in heraldry to describe a design of a coat of arms, broad horizontal red band across the middle of a shield
Portion or allotment
A person who herds any bovine animals, such as cows
A person that has a pale face
Turning in a circular motion as a wheel turns
Covered or highlighted with gold or something of a golden color
Large masses of people, great crowds
A medieval helmet, usually enclosing the whole head
A cluster or bunch of plants, attached at the base and loose at the upper ends
A woman's headcloth drawn in folds at the chin, formerly worn out of doors and still worn by nuns
A sky-blue color
Supreme happiness
A little hill
To look upon someon with contempt, they're not as good as you, unworthy
A state of excitement
Having spots of a different shade, tone, or color from the background; mottled
An expression of sadness and sorrow
Delayed or coming after the expected time
A whack or a blow, to someone with your hand
A hood shaped cap