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Biological Bases of Behavior

Blocks neurotransmitters
Chemical messengers manufactured by the endocrine system
Lobe in cerebral cortex; lies at the back of the field; includes areas that receive information from the visual fields
N/A (DD)
Naturally occurring opiate : neurotransmitters that release in response to pain and vigorous exercise
N/A (EB)
N/A (NR)
A condition from surgery that isolates both the two hemispheres by cutting the corpus collasum
Lima bean size clusters in limbic system ; associated with rage and fear
N/A (RI)
Insulates the axons of some neurons an helps speed their impulses
N/A (IN)
Neural impulse; brief electrical charge that travels down an axon
Type of nervous system; The brain and spinal cord
Areas in the cerebral cortex that are involved in higher mental functioning such as learning remembering, thinking and speaking
Type of nervous system; division of peripheral nervous system ;controls the body's skeletal muscles
Type of neuroimaging technique that reveals the brains fucntioning as well as its structure
Large band of neural fibers connect the two brain hemispheres and and carrying messages between them
Neural cell
Bundled axons that form neural "cables" and connect the CNS with the muscles, glands, and sense organs
The brains ability to change, especially during childhood after damage or building new pathways from experience
Level of stimulation required to trigger a neural impulse
Meeting point between neurons
Type of neuroimganig technique that uses magnetici wave to generate images of of soft tissue.
Base of brain stem; controls heartbeat and breathing
Oldest, innermost region of the brain; designed to control the most basic functions of life
Bushy extensions of a neuron that receives messages
Type of nervous systesm; The division of the automatic nervous system that calms the body and conserves energy
Lobe in the cerebral cortex; lies roughly above the ears and includes auditory areas
In the limbic system; responsible for the four F's
Holds the hippocampus, amygdyla, and hypothalamus; system associated with emotions and drives
Lobe in the cerebral cortex; at the top and toward the rear of the forehead, receives sensory input for touch and body position
Type of neruoimganig technique; examines brain by taking X-ray photographs
Extension f a neuron that messages pass through to other neurons, muscles or glands
Brain are that Controls language recpetion
Brain area that Controls language expression
Mimics neurtransmitters
Lobe in the cerebral cortex, behind the forehead; involved in speaking, muscle movement, making plans, and judgements
Automatic responses to stimuli