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The Renaissance

Family that were great patrons of the arts in Florence
Painter, sculptor, architect, and great poet who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.
Someone who gives money or other support to a person or group
Wrote 37 plays that include comedies, tragedies, and histories
A cultural movement of the Renaissance based on the study of classical works
Key figure in Spanish literature during Renaissance, wrote Don Quixote about the quest of a dream
Mathematical system for representing three-dimensional space on a flat surface
Belief in the importance of the individual, as opposed to the larger community
Author who made Renaissance humanism an international movement through satire
One of the most famous Renaissance buildings, St. Peter's in Rome
French humanist and monk who wrote a comic tale of society; the term gargantuan comes from him
This was the view that a religion need not be the center of human affairs
System that begins to break down after the Black Death hits Europe.
Another ancient civilization that drew renewed interest during this time.
Last name of author who wrote Utopia and revealed corruption of the Catholic Church
Birthplace of the Renaissance
An imaginary ideal place
To remove material from published works or to prevent their publication
A true genius of the Renaissance best known for the Mona Lisa
Early master of Renaissance architecture, specializing in the dome
Center of banking in Italy and very wealthy city-state
1450 inventor of movable metal type
Everyday spoken language of the people
In a three dimensional world of art, this form of math helped artists portray perspective
This exploded after the invention of printing
Related to commerce or trade: both of which grow during the Renaissance.
Interest in this ancient host of the Olympics helped fuel the Renaissance.
Style of art in the Renaissance that was more realistic and focused on the living world