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Civil War Puzzle

Civil War slang for a surgeon.
Civil War slang for superior.
Civil War slang for leather shoes.
Conditions to promote health and lacked during the Civil War.
Civil war slang for a forging soldier.
A plan that was to smother the South's economy like a giant snake squeezing it's prey.
Horseback soldiers during the civil war.
Civil War slang for intoxicated.
Civil War slang for a cheater.
Civil War slang for peanuts.
A tax on earnings that was established by the federal government.
Armed forces that would prevent the transportation of goods or people in or out of an area.
A four year coeducational federal service academy that P.G.T. Beauregard attended.
Bullet with a hallow base that shot up to 600ft. and reloaded 8 times faster then previous guns.
A warship that was crafted with iron to deflect cannon balls off causing minimal damage.
A law to recruit men for the war.
Civil War slang for money.
Civil War slang to run
A hard cracker that was composed of flour and water that could be softened by tea or coffee and could also be contaminated with maggots.
Civil war slang for lice.