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By Rocky Lloyd
What you put on your head
Where a few of your fans are
The person who coaches you
Another name for interception
When you knock someone down
The huge place where the game is played
A kick on fourth down
It equals 6 points
What you wear on your hands to help you catch
You get wet playing in it
Another name for quarterback
You have the ball
You don't have the ball
Someone who guards
The people who cheer and do stunts
When you throw the ball down
What the football is made of
Not complete
The player who catches the ball
Throw the ball
The dudes who wear the stripes
The opposite of winning
Where most of your fans are
The opposite of losing
The funny dude in a costume
The people watching the game
You run on it
Not incomplete
When you jump over something
Another name for left tackle
How you move the ball
Another name for referee
They drink a lot of this
What the players wear
Another name for pick
The player who throws the ball
You throw it
The championship game
When the player celebrates he does this
When the ball goes to the other team
When you drop the ball
The team gets in a circle
Instructions to follow
Another name for wide receiver
How you measure the field
How many points you get for a touchdown with an extra point
You get cold playing in it