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Civil War Crossword Puzzle

Lincoln said his goal was to ____ the union. (pg 398)
An important part of northern strategy was to gain ____ of the Mississippi River. (pg 389)
July was the major turning point for the ____ war. (pg 409)
Grant ____ his army south from Kentucky. (pg 398)
McClellan's troops attacked the larger part of Lee's army at _____ Creek. (pg 394)
With Richmond no longer threatened, Lee decided to ____ the north. (pg 393)
Many Northerner's have _____ tired of the war. (pg 410)
A major victory on the union soil would force the ____ to end the war. (pg 408)
____ was a major problem for both sides. (pg 404)
When the civil war began, African ____ were not allowed to volunteer. (pg 400)
Two days after Fort Sumter's surrender , President Lincoln declared that a rebellion existed in the _____. (pg386)
New ____ made for the civil war were more deadly then any other war. (pg 393)
Although outnumbered, the south had ____ military advantages. (pg 388)
Loyalties remained divided in the ____ states that did not secede. (pg 387)
Lincoln ___ how important slavery was the South's war effort. (pg 399).
Northerner's were also _____over the war. (pg 403)
Thousands of African Americans supported the ____ rules. (pg 401)
Northern ____ booms as they turned out goods the union needed during the war. (pg 405)
After the ____ victory at the 1862 Battle of Antietam, the war began to go badly for the north. (pg 407)
The civil war only divided the ____. (pg 403)