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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Red curtains and pink curtains are ____.
The candle melted into a ___ lump of wax.
She was tardy again because she ___.
Do not fall ____ on the ship.
Throwing erasers and paper around the classroom means you _______.
The keys are lost. I __ them.
Drive on the ___ to avoid the main highway.
Do not fight over a simple ____.
He failed his test because he ____ every single word!
He forgot the bath water was on, so the tub ___.
It would be an adventure to go live ___!
The train is very late; it is ____.
The school had a bad reputation because it was ___.
We ____ the weeds in the flower beds last week, and now they are choked with weeds.
Telling a lie is deliberately _____ someone about your choices.
They were ____ with how much work they needed to do to repair their house.
Dad didn't mow for two weeks, so the yard is ____.
This is bad luck.
If you ____ the speaker, you are not being truthful.
An error is a ______.
There was a mistake on the paper because it was ______.
Don't feed the dog too much, or he will be ____.
The turkey was in the oven too long, so it is ____.
The wall paper will have to ____ in the corner to make it look right.