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One worker who was sent to help in the immediate clean up effort at Chernobyl, stated" on my 4th day, I had to Leave, I had reached the Maximum Allowable ________ Dose'.
At Chernobyl, thirty workers died either by the explosion or by the radiation_____ that Followed.
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was designed poorly because it lacked a __________ building which most Reactors have. (478)
One environmental group _________, speculates that the death toll from Chernobyl accident could reach 90,000 due to long-term effects of radiation.
The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, called this disaster at Chernobyl" a grave lesson for all ________'.
The 600,000 people that were sent to fight fire and clean up the worst of the contamination are often referred to as the Chernobyl's "________."
Hundreds of towns and villages across the area were forced into an_________.
The Nuclear________ at Chernobyl exploded after Engineers were testing the Safety devices.
Two days following the Chernobyl accident, authorities in Russia had not reported the Explosion of the reactor, but the______ changed and radioactive fallout was being carried to Sweden and Europe.