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Federal health insurance plan for Americans at 65 yrs of age
List of drugs approved by an insurance plan
Healthcare plan for families of active or retired uniformed personnel
Legal principle that limits insurance payments to 100% of the cost of covered expenses (3 words)
List of the cost of services and procedures performed by a physician (2 words)
Pre-approval for a specific patient to have a specific procedure
Private insurance Medicare recipients can buy to cover expenses not covered by Medicare
Payment made to an insured patient or provider for medical services
Expenses not covered by an insurance plan
Required by federal law that employers maintain this type of insurance for injured employees (2 words)
Determination of the amount of $ an insurance co. will pay for a procedure before it is performed
Type of insurance that covers injuries caused by the insured or on their property
Authorization for an insurance carrier to pay a physician directly (3 words)
Fixed percentage payable by the patient after the deductible is met
Annual payment made to an insurance company by the patient for coverage
Small fee that is collected from the patient at the time of the services
Fixed amount that must be paid by the policyholder before the insurance company begins to pay
Medical procedure that is not required to sustain life; may or may not be covered by the plan
Payment structure in which a HMO receives an annual fee per patient to the physician