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Science ~ Heat and Thermal Energy

Heat is the movement of ________ energy from one material to another.
Flow of heat energy by invisible waves that travel through space
A tool used for measuring temperature.
Thermal energy is felt as __________.
Adding heat can cause matter to boil or ________.
Energy from the sun
An example of a conductor--a material that transfers heat easily.
A fuel that is formed in the earth from plant or animal remains, burned for energy.
Flow of heat energy that occurs in a gas or liquid.
The warmer matter gets, the more heat is added, the ______ the particles move.
Heat changes _____ because the more heat added the faster the particles move and the farther apart they spread.
A measurement that indicates the amount of heat in something.
Thermal energy is ________ in 3 ways: conduction, convection, and radiation.
Material that slows down the movement of energy, does not easily conduct heat
Measurement of temperature where something boils at 212 degrees.
Transfer of energy that occurs between 2 objects that are touching.
A type of insulator that does not allow heat to transfer easily
Thermal energy radiates from the _____ to heat the Earth.
Measurement of temperature where something freezes at 0 degrees.