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Business Law Final Review 1

Teacher: Julie Nordin - Business Law
Name ______________________
A less serious crime usually punishable by confinement for less than one year, by fine, or both.
A seller who deals regularly in a particular kind of goods or otherwise claims to have special knowledge or skill in a certain type of sales transaction.
A transaction in which the transfer of ownership is to take place in the future.
Tangible, movable, personal property.
A monetary award by the court to a person who has suffered loss or injury because of an act or omission of another.
A private or civil wrong.
Offenses committed in the business world that do not involve force or violence or cause injury to people or physical damage to property.
A crime punishable by confinement for more than a year in a state prison or by a fine of more than $1,000, or both, or even death.
The seller.
A punishable offense against society.
This exists even though the defendant was not negligent.
Parties who sell only occasionally or do not otherwise meet the definition of a merchant.
The tort in which only carelessness and not intent is required in the breaching of duty.
A contract in which ownership of goods transfers immediately from the seller to the buyer for a price.
The act by which the subject matter of the contract is placed within possession or control of goods.
A transaction in which goods are exchanged for goods.
Delivery of the agreed-upon price and the concurrent acceptance of it by the seller.
The purchaser.