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Business Law Final Study 2

Teacher: Julie Nordin - Business Law
Name ______________________
Unstated warranty imposed by law in order to ensure minimal standards of contractual performance.
Land, buildings, and those things permanently affixed to them.
The affixing of responsibility to compensate buyers and users for injuries caused by a defective product.
An express warranty that obligates the seller to repair or replace a defective product without cost to the buyer within a reasonable time.
Improper business practice involving luring buyers with an under stocked, low-price good only to sell them a more profitable one.
Purely intangible personal property that one cannot touch or move.
Let the buyer beware.
Protection for the expression of a creative work.
The very limited use of copyrighted works by critics, researchers, news reporters and educators.
Claims of third parties against property.
Unauthorized copying, sale, display or performance of a work.
An assurance of quality or promise of performance explicitly made the seller.
The grant of the exclusive right to make, use and sell a novel or new, non-obvious useful product or process.
Let the seller beware.
Permits a party to a contract to recover money or property (or the value thereof) given to the other party.
Something that is either movable or intangible and the right to use such things.
Any method of business that is dishonest or fraudulent or that illegally limits free competition.
Any warranty that provides less protection than a full warranty.
Commercially valuable information that the owner attempts to keep secret.