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Parables of Jesus in Matthew's Gospel

So my father will do if you do not _______ your brother or sister from your heart.
The third slave ___ his master's money.
Someone you don't know
A large dinner party.
____ the Baptist
To ask to attend an event
The father had two of these.
To move or be apart
To get things ready
A person who takes care of sheep.
Someone who isn't wearing any clothes
The people who attend an event
Messengers of God
A person who works for another person, usually for free.
Anyone with ears should do this.
The opposite of left
A kind of ancient currency
To those who have, ____ will be given.
The sharp parts of a plant
A short story that teaches a moral or spiritual lesson
Place where grapes grow
Something owed
A trip
One hundred minus one
The kingdom of ______
The _____ came and ate them up.
Many are called but few are ______.
You need water
Burned by the sun
Someone who plants seeds
He later _______ his mind.
Smallest in amount, extent, or significance
Male ruler of a country