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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Science Words

A simple machine that is an inclined plane wrapped around a shaft
What the opposite poles of a magnet do
Plants that make their own food by photosynthesis
How many simple machines there are
When water vapor meets a cool surface, it turns back to liquid or _____
Organism that eats both meat and plants
How many states of matter are there?
Example of metamorphic rock when it hardens
The falling rain/snow/sleet or hail part of the water cycle
Layers press together to form sandstone
A simple machine found in a knife blade or your teeth
A simple machine with a fulcrum and a bar
The type of rock that has been totally changed into something else
Has feathers and lays eggs
Scales and cold blooded; snakes
Has a backbone
____ and pressure can change rock from one type to another
Moving electricity is called electrica ___.
Eats producers or other organisms
Organism that eats plants
Organism that eats meat
When electricity gathers on an object, it is called ____ electricity
Heat makes liquid water go back to being a gas; it ______.
Something that lets electricity pass through it
When two surfaces rub together it causes this
To push away from, like the same poles of a magnet do
Something that will not allow electricity to pass through it
_____ charges are attracted to negative charges
No backbone
When water freezes it is in this state of matter
When water evaporates it turns into this state of matter
A wet state of matter
What a simple machine helps you do with less effort
The place that provides a living thing with all it needs to survive