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Gospel of Mt

Given the keys to the kingdom first
Mt has this but Mk does not (at the beginning of the gospel)
Jesus had a new kind of ...., displeasing the Scribes
Symbol of Mark's gospel
This parable contrasted small beginnings with great growth
Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews
Jesus' telling them to keep his miracles 'quiet' in Mk is called the messianic ....
Mt did write to greeks but primarily to....
Sung as Jesus enters Jerusalem on a colt
This gospel was written after Mt
Anyone who is not a jew is a ....
Town outside of Jerusalem where Jesus spent his last night before his crucifixion
The name of the teachings given in the sermon on the mt
No one pours new wine into old ....
Money changers thrown out of here
This coin was used by the widow
One who dips his bread with me will ....
Jews did not expect the messiah to be this
Jesus taught these were a model of reliance on God
The temple was destroyed .... Mt's gospel was written