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Dad's Fish Crossword

The biggest fish in the world is the giant ____ shark.
Most fish can't swim ____.
What fresh water fish in North America makes the longest spawning migration?
This fish can "walk" on its fins.
Redear Sunfish are called ____ in some parts of their range because of their habit of eating aquatic snails.
_____ Catfish have a tooth pad consisting of hundreds of tiny, recurved teeth on the roof of their mouth.
What fish, a close relative of the Walleyes, can see in the Dark?
Fish with thin fins and a split tail indicate they move ____.
The word "Piranha" means what?
____ are some of the slimiest animals on earth.
Also found on the lower part of a ship, fish have this on top.
The ____ plays dead when danger is near.
What are the only fish that have eyelids?
One of the least known, but most effective baits for trout is the ____ worm.
Water Dogs are the larval form of a tiger ____.
Starfish and ____ are not fish.
The ____ family of fish are the largest inhabiting the fresh waters of North America - some are also among the smallest.
White and Striped Bass are members of the temperate bass family. What family do Black Bass belong to?
What fish, after journeying across the ocean, can find the river they were born in?
What is the fastest fish?
What is the slowest fish?
What fish can live out of water for several years?
Unlike most other fish, the ocean ____ does not have a tail.
The most poisonous fish in the world is the ____ fish.