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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Basic Multiplication

Type: Educational Fun
Teacher: Ms. Joy!

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The Product of any number and zero (example 9x0) is (1 word)
The arithmetic operation that adds a number a given amount of times without using addition
This is the name for the solution in a multiplication problem (1 word)
Different symbols are used to represent multiplication such as x and + (True/False)
A factor times a factor gives us an answer called a (1 word)
A chart that gives us repeated multiplication products is called a (2 words)
Like addition, the order in which you multiply two factors does not change the ________ (1 word)
The Commutative Property of Multiplication of Whole Numbers tells us we can multiply a problem two different ways such that 2x3 and 3x2 both equal 6 (True/False)
You need at least these many numbers or values when multiplying
Products can also be call "solutions" or "answers" (True/False)
We can multiply more than 2 numbers at a time (True/False)
Multiplication is quicker and gives the same solution as this (2 words)
Multiplication is the inverse (opposite) of this operation
This is the name for numbers in a mathematical statement like 6x4 such that 6 and 4 are called (1 word)
2x3 = (eight, five or six)
Most students first learn multiplication by drawing models called ______ (1 word)
5x3 = (four, ten or fifteen)
If a number is multiplied by "1" the number remains the _____ (4-letter word)
We can read wall clocks (analogue time) by multiplying each of the numbers 1-11 by 5 to determine the amount of minutes (True/False)
Students first learn to use a St. Andrew's cross (x) when learning multiplication, then transition to using this symbol in middle school (1 word)