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Spanish Crossword

By: Madison Beatty
You use this utensil to cut food. (with article)
People often refer to this with salt. salt and _____. (with article)
This shows how much your total payment due at a restaurant is. (with article)
To be sleepy
Mr. Shafer is this. He has to duck walk through small doors.
When you reach the age 70, you are generally considered this.
With article, man
This is what is on your head.
At a restaurant, this person will bring you food. (male)
Old people's hair normally turns this color.
Some people put this in their tea. Horses like cubes of this. (with article)
This is what our food goes on. (with article)
The color of Joseph's hair
When it is very dark at nighttime, it is ______.
The basic form of, "to come".
This sheet of paper shows the options of food and drink options.