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Nouns (Foods)

Starch, made from wheat, found in a store or bakery, used to make sandwiches
Diary, sweet and creamy, frozen dessert, comes in many flavors, can eat from a cone or a bowl, can add toppings
Poultry, found on a farm or in the market, small and oval, they will break if you drop them, brown or white, can use them to bake/cook or eat them on their own
Monkeys eat these, yellow, long and thin
Fruit, grow on trees, round, found in red, green, yellow, used to make pie
Diary, made from milk, found in the store or refrigerator, put it on bread, bake and cook with it, yellow
Vegetable found at the market, are either red, yellow, green, or orange come in various shapes and sizes, mostly oval, solid to touch, eaten raw or cooked, very small round white seeds inside
White meat, type of bird, weighed in pounds, found on a farm or in a store
You eat this for breakfast, found in a bakery, round , can be eaten with cream cheese or jelly/jam,
Fruit, grow on a vine, small and round, come in blue, green, red, or purple, used to make wine